chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys

kitty lidder

i dreamt i was inside schrodinger's box, which was made of two-way mirrors, visually impenetrable from the outside by normal eyes, and i looked up and noticed superman filming me, with a projector of the camera's output set up in my line of view just behind him.  i tried meowing to him that, although he could, even in the camera lense, see through the normal visual barrier of the box with his x-ray vision, the camera was recording only the superposition of the fact that i was alive and dead at the same time, and every time i looked at the projector behind him to observe my unverifiable consciousness, i was everywhere and nowhere at the same moment.  in the meantime, he was creating my existence by being able to observe me, as i was doing for him, and we would cease to exist if we both closed our eyes, while the camera would continue recording definitive uncertainty of my dual-existence.  but superman didn't speak cat, and i opened my eyes and looked out the window at the wet rain.

it's amusing watching quantum mechanics and philosophy bleed on each other over such a civilised dinner banquet where everyone eats and no one seems to get full.  the persuit of yes-or-no black-and-white definition, and philosophy, the practise of making a lifestyle and lifetime out of exaggerating instances where black-and-white cannot apply, has always baffled me, and never been attractive.  i still "observe" that all new life, starting from void -- a void which scientists and philosophers alike seem intent on containing and defining, or at least probing relentlessly, as if it could respond in any way other than whatever the world is to any given person -- is the beginning of the end of infinity.  when a child is born, it's as close to infinity and void as it will ever be until it dies, its lifetime the very process of becoming definitions while creating them from the realm of perception up to communication.  same with a flower.  it's born, it becomes a math problem, a beautiful math problem, a beautiful thing, and then it returns to beautiful infinity.  instead of persuing philosophy within the realm of science-of-the-mind, i wish quantum mechanics would wipe the grease from their lobes and just come play volleyball with us on the underbelly of the flea that's caught in the volleyball that's trapped in the wind.  using infinity in math problems is like pissing in the face of god and telling him he looks better with a wet beard.
plus i enjoyed the implications and vocabulary battle inherent in the extension in the wiki stating "..prominent physicists have gone so far as to suggest that astronomers observing dark matter in the universe in 1998 may have "reduced its life expectancy" through a pseudo-Schrödinger's Cat scenario.."  if you put a philosopher in a box and never think about him, will he live forever?
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