chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys


cut my face off with a razor.  was trying to be very surgical, very careful.  but the hair on the scalp got in the way and i had to do a couple sawing-motion incisions that weren't as clean as i would have liked.  i cut all the way around, but then kept running into difficulties peeling the whole thing off cos it kept getting caught on different muscles and such underneath.  i could reach up and pull the whole scalp back quite a bit.  but half way through getting the whole face to come off i realised that i'd never gone out to get gauze, i so i didn't have anything to wrap my face in while it healed.  i was still working at the video store, i think i was offered the position of managing and then owning it, because kamron was going to have another baby and then leave the store to me.  but it was sunday so i knew he was coming in, and was trying to fix back up some of the seams and hold the face back on so i could ask him to get me some gauze without raising too many questions.

later on, was playing piano in a white-ish room.  big room.  tori amos came in and played instead.  she fluttered all over the keyboard, just fooling around, and i discovered that i really like her laugh.  she left and i tried to play a david gray song but my voice was shot to shit and came out as this pathetic scratchy thing.
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