chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys

michael, junior, the fume, and the evidence

april 8th and we're still dancing.
giving up sacrifice to half-way glances and a chance at stardom.
suckin' on the ancient kool-aid rhyme building points and tempered signs...
what we studied, what our parents never finished
what we believe, until generation next goes undiminished
a swan in the lake, partnered up forever
never a stain of casual love evident in her feathers

we ride the road and it teaches us, preaches need to us
the need for a confession that the travel breeds fear in us
break free from the path of believin' this
riding high above the consciousness that what we see
is the deed that's been and done for us.
just breathe, take big steps, and believe....
you and me
we are free
just believe
belong, and be free...
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