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(post goonies + walk + history.killer talk)

in savannah.
raining, night.
exploring the old stomping grounds.
walk into a busy bar, service on the left, bar top starting directly in the doorway.
i stay near the entrance and wait to order an apple juice.
five or six people away at the bar i spot charles in a polo shirt.  i glance away immediately but i think he's spotted me.
waiting to order.
i hear charles calling my name out now.
i wait a few moments more, then turn on heel and head out.
walking the back streets under less rain.
passing a ghost house, where people live, which claims on the outside in large letters: "ghost house"
i start singing in my head "this place is haunted" by devotchka.
back in my place, or where i'm staying.  it's early morning.  the rain is back to a steady drizzle.
items in the bay window, on a shelf, that also seem to be outside, because they're getting wet in the rain.
a tall thin metal 'sculpture,' rusted, a small base with a large long screw or bolt sticking up out of it and a few other nuts & bolts type objects welded on to the top of this.  also a collection (a box?) of leather squares with small wooden dowels poked through them, similar to leather barrettes.
i'm watching the water wet the leather.
a knock at the door.
i open it to a tall bored looking black man.
he says something like "he wants to say hello," and points to his right, where charles is waiting.
i say a happy hello and invite him in.
then wake up.
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