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chris kaprys
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[disarming, rib-tickling, unforgettable ice-breaker]
92seconds, a grey t-shirt, an everpresent unseen, andy goldsworthy, astral weeks, basia bulat, believing, boards of canada, brad bird, children, chris smither, coincidence, devotchka, dj shadow, elbow, fireflies, giovanni ribisi, harps, her voice, how brown sugar moves, humming with appliance drones, igby, intersection, iron & wine, jeff buckley, jeff noon, jeremy davies, joe frank, mild obsession, nick stahl, oceans, other tired fire, pay me with revolutions, pear, pictures of james dean, polaroids, pushing the envelope, reanimating gnome abjects, regina spektor, remembering the future, richard bach's illusions, sam rockwell, shakespeare's romeo, silent weapons, the lie called gravity, the taste of drowning, unkle, van morrison's chinese cigarettes, vera farmiga, yellow