chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys

adventures in molex-when-sata's-all-you-have

well, just wrote this whole thing out, then hit backspace when i (APPARENTLY) shouldn't have, and lost the whole entry.  restoring the autosaved draft restored the blank entry page that was saved after the mistake, so, yeah, great job autosave.  glad to have you on my side, pal.  (but seriously, wtf is up with all that latin in the image link preview box in LJ rich text?!?) if you try to highlight it and press backspace, prepare to see the last page you visited, and say good bye to your entry.

anyhoo, long story short, i suppose.  got an asus en9600gt pci-e graphics card, after researching in great length to make sure it would work in my computer.  as it's essentially my first time buying a graphics card, i'd no idea that they require their own power supply.  (wha?).  and that some pc power supplies don't support standard leads like molex 4-pin.  my power supply only has sata leads, and one floppy lead.  (only picking up these terms after finding out the bad news, and googling for nearly an hour for what the hell do you call the lead that i don't have?  i wondered if there was an adapter that would allow the 4-pin molex to plug in to the sata power.  some threads said yes, some said no, some said they shouldn't exist, which is interesting.  turns out they do exist, but are highly un-recommended.  so now it's a hunt for a proper power supply that provides both sata and molex 4-pin leads / technology.  *sigh*  yet another lesson in Why One Should Build Their Own Computer, Especially If One Plans On Upgrading or Changing Internal Components in the Future. *clicks tongue and pets Affordable Dell Machine*

but wait, if this graphics card needs its own power supply, and that in the form of a molex 4-pin that provides 300 watts, then, hey!, i have that upstairs.  i took down an old dust farm of a stripped-out  pc, took out the power supply (which was rife with molex leads), plugged it in, and, presto!, it didn't turn on.  ... of course it didn't.  needs to be plugged in to the motherboard and then use the power switch.  so i did that, but of course the computer had been stripped of its cooling fan so while providing power for the graphics card i sat with this beast of a disembowled pc box at my feet, the smell of cooking motherboard wafting up from time to time.  it got incredibly hot, but kept my feet warm!

(after i found a 'better' solution.)

found a video that explained the 24-pins of the motherboard power lead, shorted the green cable to a black ground, and voila!  no more motherboard or box getting in the way.  just the medusa-looking power supply sitting on top of the chassis:

(note the brown copper jumper. works like a charm!)

then threading the cable down the back, through hole by the sound card, and connecting it to the molex 4-pin from the graphics card:

now i just wish a had a nerd buddy who could appreciate how, when asking, Hey what's that switch on the power lead for?...

... i shrug and reply, My graphics card.

note to hobbyists: this is what's known, in the OWORP (official world of random projects), as a Bad Idea.  if i don't take the appropriate steps and get a suitable power supply that provides both sata and molex 4-pin, the pretty little graphics card will probably suffer and melt and die.  but for the time being, in my osx86 10.5.6, core imaging is hardware accelerated and quartz extreme etc. is all fully supported! woo hoo!
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