chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys

in between the stitches of stereotypes

when i was young
i very much enjoyed
taking my head
on top of my neck
throwing it backward
and slamming the rear
of my skull into
the nearest available wall

and now i am accused of age
am meant to divulge
my appetite for shiny vehicles
and the shapes of passing women
who apparently wish to be teased
onto the imaginary
cocks of my eager equals

but i'm neither amused
nor entertained
nor interested?
as i respect their hunger
for other flesh and to fit in
but can't invoke
the words to count the madness
the music for the sin
the dispositioned urge
borne of youth enmazed

can i help it?
knowing wrong,
tired, potent, disbelieving
and charming all desire anyway?
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