chris kaprys (complicake) wrote,
chris kaprys


someone strapped to a chair, and bleeding.
quick zoom out, other side of a fence, late evening, pan up crane shot, with quick glimpse at small sign on fence ("rest is sin"), til the view is an arieal map of the plot, cookie-cutter '70s post-communist abandoned factory fabrications, every building the exact same size and shape, windows in the same place, blood stains visible throught the roofs, all in the same place.
zoom back down to side of a building, where i'm surveying, climbing the building side, lowering myself floor by floor by the attached cables, lucky they still hold.  get to the ground and there's a noise behind me.  someone rooting around.  quick fear while i don't know who's the dog and who's the dinner.  they fly into a rage and run at me but i stand my ground.  flash and i'm taking down information, like a waiter at a restaurant.  "....and in the freezer: peas -- standard weapon -- one toothbrush, blue."  and they're looking at my paper in awe.  "no, it's not real. .. paper, huh?  high stakers in the human resource element, eh?"

that last line echoing as i lay awake in bed.

"high stakers in the human resource element, eh?"
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